Connie Perry

Mortgage Broker in California

About Myself

Connie Perry, Professional Mortgage Associates
I am Connie Perry, and my aspiration is to help everyone realize the American Dream of owning their dream home. I enjoy transforming rooms, and am constantly learning new ways to improve my lifestyle. Though I'm not an athlete, long-distance cycling is one of my hobbies.

I was licensed in January of 1990, and came to this country from the Azores when I was six years old with my parents. They worked so hard to buy their first home. The thought that someday I could make it a reality for people that did not know it was possible and make their dream of home ownership come true is the greatest reward for me. This includes buying and improving one’s current way of life. The American Dream of owning a home is beautiful!

How We Support Our Clients

I am an experienced mortgage broker, offering home loans and other financing services. If you are not currently eligible for a home loan, we can help you with a financial plan to help you become eligible for a loan. My team works hard to help my clients to achieve the American Dream of owning their own home.


Why Choose My Services

Here at Professional Mortgage Associates we understand that life can be messy. We are here to face any challenges that come your way, and set things right.  We offer the best advice and solutions regarding home loans, and are here to assist you! My team and I are fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and can translate for you as well. Get in touch with me to learn more.